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🤖 A Slack bot that connects to GitLab Issues.

GitLab Issue Bot for Slack

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A Slack bot that connects to GitLab Issues

GitLab Issue Bot will notice references to GitLab Issues, automatically get the latest issue info from GitLab and respond with it!

Getting Started


Add the following to a .env file (or docker-compose.yml if you are using Docker).

SLACK_KEY=xxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx # Your Slack API key
GITLAB_KEY=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx # Your GitLab private token
GITLAB_URL= # The base URL of your instance - no trailing slashes


To start the bot, first install the dependencies:

$ npm install

Then start the bot:

$ npm start

Run with Docker

To run with docker-compose, first copy the config:

$ cp docker-compose.exmaple.yml docker-compose.yml

Then open the docker-compose.yml and set the environment variables as describled above.

Finally, run the bot:

$ docker-compose up -d

Run with Kubernetes

To run on Kubernetes, frist, create a secret with your Slack and Gitlab keys.

kubectl create secret generic gitlab-issue-bot --from-literal=slackToken=<your_slack_token_here> --from-literal=gitlabKey=<your_gitlab_key_here>

Then, run the following to deploy!

kubectl apply -f